In my opinion; this report is a valid argument for the worth that my coaching offers. Included below are recent player cashes under my coaching. 


2019 Student Results

Cashes Over $25K Cashes Over $10K Cashes Over $5K
James Agate Danny Abdallah Laurie Swaney
Allan Swartz Mike Holm John Rooney
Jon Cohen Ken Donarski George Heim
George Long Prince Bolo Jason Vanstrom
Tony Gordy Miami John Cernuto James Woods
Bruce Carter Harold Evans Stan Koenig
  Alberto Sbogali Ron Whitlock
  Shadd Boudoin Alex Dederer
  Mike Hack Vince Costa
  Ray Filiano Brad Louder
  Tom Gorton Rick Crandall


Players Worthy of Special Recognition

Walt Milgroom
Specializes in small buy-in events; and for 10 years he has cashed in +20% of those event – profitably
George Long
Begins most days by playing the am tournament at Caesars. He cashes frequently and considers them a “satellite” type revenue stream for bigger events
William Steffin
Enjoys the camaraderie and pace of Binions and Red Rock. He cashes often and leaves happy. Isn’t that why we should be playing this game? He recently took 1st at the Wynn daily, which combined with a dozen other 1st’s at Red Rock and Binions is a remarkable accomplishment
Sally Richman
Resides in Colorado. She travels to Las Vegas five times a year and plays Wynn Survivor events, Senior Events and Classic events. She plays in her comfort zone, cashes often, and has learned one of poker’s most important lessons: Select Tournaments Wisely
Shayna Bott
Plays mostly during the summer months. She plays at all of the major venues and in events from $500-$2500. Shayna has mastered the short stack game. Her nick name is “short stack ninja” – and that skill has earned her a very high cash rate


Wynn Results

The Wynn Saturday Poker Tournament speaks to the success of “the family”. It is, arguably, the best test of skills that is scheduled regularly in Las Vegas. It offers the largest weekly prize pool and a very low rake. For over six years I have chosen the results from that event to demonstrate the value of my coaching system. Over the last 72 months there have been 190 of these events (they are suspended during the Wynn Classic and Weekend Specials ). “The family” had 181 cashes in the 190 events (95% cash rate ) and 73 of those cashes were top five finishes (38% rate ). Those numbers have held fairly consistently for the entire 5 year period. I suggest the numbers reveal an important fact: Although the game has a random element; in the long run skill is reflected in the results.