Why Hire a Coach

“The best poker players are the best not because they possess better card skills, but rather because they possess certain psychological skills and traits.” – Dr. Al Schoonmaker

Searching for Improvement

There are two ways to get better results. The first is to get luckier. The second is to get better. If you find a way to get luckier – patent it. If you want to get better, here are five things you can do:

  1. Make mistakes and learn from them aka the school of hard knocks.
  2. Read a lot and hope that those you read have ideas that you can effectively implement.
  3. Talk to fellow poker players and hope that they are interested in actually helping you – and that what they do you can also do and profitably.
  4. Attend seminars and purchase film study programs from “power” winners. This is a vastly untapped reservoir of knowledge.
  5. Pay for professional help which is certain to include hiring a personal coach.

Helping You Know Yourself is a Coaches First Chore‏

“Poker is more than a game where one set of cards is compared to another with the better hand winning. It is a game of personalities. Unless you know yourself better than anyone else does, you will be at a disadvantage.”
– Barry Greenstein, ACE ON THE RIVER (p. 74)

“The poker culture is anti-introspective… players focus on learning strategy and reading other people, not on looking at themselves… anyone who observes poker players can’t help seeing self-destructive actions. We should obviously learn why. Poker authors generally concentrate on their ideas, not on how to teach them… the best source of feedback is a good coach. I am absolutely convinced that every serious player should have a coach.”
– Dr. Alan Schoonmaker, YOUR BEST POKER FRIEND (p. 26 and 38)