Allan SwartzI couldn’t have done it without you.
You were with me all night. It was amazing that I had contact with you during the tournament.
Over the last year my game has improved so much because of your guidance.
Thanks again — Allan

MiamiJohnThanks to Jan’s keen insights into the psychological aspects in my poker game I have experienced profoundly better results in tournament poker. By bringing to light how important it is to understand an opponent’s mindset I am able to make better decisions, and making better decisions has helped me place higher in tournaments than ever before. — Miami John Cernuto

JamesWoods“Re: James Woods. Initially, I was reluctant to “name drop”. Miami “John” Cernuto had shared my emails and his satisfaction with my coaching, and by June of 2016 James encouraged me to list his name on the Monday Report. The following are his “testimonial”:11/30/2016 – “Excellent blog today. I have been applying the success model since meeting you. It became clear that I was not choosing to be successful. My agenda was ego driven and surely not results driven. “Fold” became my favorite word and “call” slowly disappeared from my lexicon. I am now a solid winner. In mid June: “My 4th WSOP cash. The “Director” was in charge the whole time.” Late June: “Your “smart” lecture (The Handicap of Intelligence) just saved my tournament life. No ego. Stop and think. Wise, simple decisions made without being a “genius”. Later I doubled up because I didn’t succumb to the “genius syndrome.” — James Woods

GeorgeLong-smallGeorge joined “the family” over 3 years ago. The Hendon Mob reports earnings of over $675k. He played for 15 years prior to beginning to function with a “director”. His impulse control has improved and he as won over $400k (of the $675) in the last three years. — George Long

WalterMilgroom2“This email and my photo are both a “Thank You” and a testimonial letter that you should feel free to share. The picture is of me moments after winning the Cripple Creek Fall Classic at the Midnight Rose Casino. I would like to thank you for raising my game from a moderately good overall player to a much improved tournament player. I owe most of that improvement to the coaching and ongoing training of my coach, Jan Siroky. Anyone considering being a student of yours is welcome to contact me with questions. I can assure you of the highest recommendation from me.” — Walter Milgroom

JohnRooney“For years you urged me to join your family group. I resisted mainly because I thought it was too much money and I didn’t expect to learn that much if anything. Finally you caught me at the end of my third long losing streak of the year. Just before I join I won back to back tournaments. After joining I continue to run well but I can not take all the credit. Your advice was very helpful. In fact I was surprise to find out how knowledgeable you are at poker. Between new knowledge and a continuing review of old news, daily if not more often e-mails, the flow of information never stops. During 2017 I won or finish in the top 3 many times including winning the Wynn Senor monthly tournament twice. A feat that no one else has accomplish. When you know everything about poker or anything else it’s time to quit and believe me you never will know everything. If would like to improve your game I recommend Jan.
Thanks,” — John Rooney

Beverly Lange“Jan, I cannot thank you enough. Taking #12 out of 754 in the Wynn Poker Classic 2014 Main Event was hugely due to your skilled coaching. There is no way I would have done it without you. You had given me some key tips to make me the chip leader through one and a half days, and then great technical advice at crucial points to keep me accumulating chips. I didn’t know that your service included railing me the entire tournament. Having you nearby to consult on hands just played was invaluable. Your positivity and encouragement kept me on track. Millions of thanks for your great coaching and your friendship.” — Beverly (Skipper) Lange

BobCastiore“You have the best poker mind I know. Interesting that you sent the essay on anger management you did. I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle the situation last night so well without having read your recent series. Thanks for the emails – I do need them – and learn from them.”
— Bob Castiore

“I have known Jan Siroky for over 5 years. His image in the Poker Community is one of respect. He is a regular at Final Tables and is an asset to our image. I would strongly recommend him as an ambassador and or teacher.” — Jack McClelland, Tournament Director Bellagio Hotel and Casino

“You may recall when we last talked that I told you about a great bluff by an Indian woman who had no idea what she was doing, but three-barreled me all-in off of QQ. Your advice was to praise her the next time we played together. Last night, she moved to my table and I followed Coach’s advice. I announced to the table what a great move she made. Sure enough, two hands later, she three-barreled a bluff all-in and I took her chips. Score 1 for Jan.” — Kit

“Thank you for all you help and support since you started as my poker coach last year. Your teachings have definitely improved my game and contributed significantly to all the tournaments I have won this year, including the Mirage Poker Showdown in May. Here is what I really like about your approach:

  • Your strategic focus on the big picture to playing styles and tournament play;
  • Your focus on identifying, articulating and achieving goals;
  • Your efforts to enhance – but not change – basis playing styles;
  • Your improvement in being more candid on what needs to be done to improve my game; and
  • Your obvious superior knowledge of the technical aspects of how to play a wide variety of different hands.

Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who may be interested in your skills as a poker mentor and coach.” — Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, Attorneys at Law

“Your poker lessons were invaluable in leading me to a second place finish at the employee’s event for the WSOP. By tailoring personal lessons to address the needs that i wanted to improve, i was able to apply your advice on the table to a very impressive (and happy) win. Thank You.” — Cory Pockat

“Having a coach (you 🙂 ) has been the best step up to my game. I do believe the best of the best have mentors. Me being in competitive sports growing up I was always told ( by my coach) no matter how good you are, and get, there will ALWAYS be someone better. I am able to get in the Zone and recognize when I am in it or when I fall out of it. This I believe because I have a 3rd party non bias holding me accountable. Though you as a coach give me advise and teach me it is ultimately up to me to do the work…. My Character as a person is on the line and I value that above almost everything besides my God. With that being said my weakest play in poker I would say is my self confidence. That is what I am working on. With out that it is hard to play againts any player (LAGs) LOL.” — Amanda Unger

“After the RIO was over I started playing at the Saturday Wynn tournament every week that I could and I felt I was learning something new every tournament. I started to feel very comfortable with my game and read a few more books. I heard about the deep stacks at the Venetian and decided to give it a try. Had some deep runs and some cashes and was really starting to feel good about my game. This is where Matt came in and mentioned you. I had never thought about getting a coach. I went home and looked into poker coaching and never realized it was so popular; it opened my eyes to a whole new world that I didn’t realize existed. The things you have taught me are things I never would have thought about. I admit looking around at what other coaches do before we took our first meeting. What I liked about your coaching style as opposed to others is the hands on personal meetings. I noticed a lot of the coaches work by skyping which feels impersonal to me. I also had noticed you in the room a lot before we met. I like that you are available to us to talk to… I have learned many things… I know which tournaments play to my skill sets. Our discussion of poker tournament selection really helped. Not only are you a great poker coach, but also a great life coach.” — Shayna Bott

“I had been considering hiring a coach for some time, but was very reluctant due to my stubborn nature and a desire to “go it alone”. Finally, after watching a friend put together an impressive string of cashes and based on his recommendation, I hired Jan. I’m so happy to have made the move! Jan has helped me gain a mental edge and see the meta game in a way I hadn’t previously considered. He always has sound strategic advice, and provides an ‘ear’ to bounce ideas and hands off. Plus I’ve greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of his twice monthly poker group breakfasts, where we swap hand histories, ideas and war stories.” — Kyle Landrum

I’ve been working with Coach Jan for 3 years now, since May of 2016. I live in NYC, working in the Tech sector full-time, and playing poker part-time about 45-60 hours a month, mainly in 2-5 or 5-10 NLH cash games, with effective stacks anywhere from $1000 to $5000. As you may know, the options for casinos are limited in NYC, either a 2 hour drive to Parx Casino in PA or 3 hour drive to Borgata in Atlantic City. As such, I’ve mainly played in “underground” NYC games at private clubs or home games.Coach Jan has been warning me for quite some time about these games. Aside of the astronomically high rake and lack of security, Jan’s main fear has been cheating and collusion between players at these games – given its unregulated nature when compared to casinos. I had received his warnings for some time now, but continued to play at these games, given the “convenience” proximity factor.However, my worst fears came to reality a few weeks ago, when several players were caught cheating at one of these games that I play in weekly. Given the lack of security and floor, these players were able to routinely smuggle a few decks that were marked with invisible ink (only visible under UV light), and had contact lenses on that would allow them to see those markings. 2 or 3 of these players would play every week at this game, and then inflate pots with raises and re-raises. They were ultimately caught at another 10-25 NLH game after they had won 6 figures over the course of the year. The game runner warned other NY clubs where more marked decks were discovered. My estimate is that they profited well over 5 figures at the game that I played in with them. (This obviously impacted my p&l for the year)

Coach Jan’s insights have been invaluable over this time, and I wish that I took his warnings about cheating earlier, as it would’ve saved me money and the headache sooner! I hope (as does Coach Jan) that this is a warning for those weighing the unregulated poker markets.

Warren Chin

P.S. From CoachJan: The effective stacks in these games also become common knowledge. That means that even a one table game offers a gang of professional thieves ample temptation for a robbery; and I sincerely doubt that they would be dissuaded by a “home game security guard”.