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A Different Approach to Poker Coaching

Coaching Focused on “Your” game

Poker players have many coaches and coaching systems to choose from after they decide to invest in “improvement”. I have elected to take a unique approach to this challenge. I coach full time. Players do not need to hope that I will be available when they need to talk or would like a full session. Most coaches play first, and coach second. Most coaches have a system, a program, often a formula for you to learn. I focus on “You” – your game and your needs. Although, every coach must know game theory, the math, and strategy; my approach adds important elements from outside the normal poker curricula.

Gaining a Psychological Edge

My system introduces players to non-poker people, and an understanding of the relevance of other disciplines to poker. Poker excellence demands that players reduce the severity and frequency of mistakes. Researcher William Hallinan introduces players to the concept of “mistake theory”. Dr. James McKenna adds clarity to the problem of cognitive disorders with analogies in Greek mythology. Psychology deeply impacted poker because cognitive disorders are now in focus. George Mumford assisted every competitor with his book: The Mindful Athlete. And, Dr. Alan Schoonmaker shocked the poker world by advising that you are: Your Worst Poker Enemy.

Making Better Decisions Means Fewer Mistakes

Making fewer mistakes leads inexorably to pokers’ biggest challenge: Learn to make better decisions. Sigmund Freud and CoachJan will introduce you to the best decision maker – the rational you aka – The Director. Jon Kabat-Zinn and his many protégés lead you on a journey of self-discovery called Mindfulness. A child’s mantra is added to the equation: Stop, Look & Listen – then decide. Renowned poker coach Tommy Angelo brings a poker players’ perspective to mindfulness – present moment poker. Combining this learning experience with the mental game teachings of Dr. Alan Schoonmaker, Jared Tendler, and Dr. Patricia Cardner creates a mindset that leads to better decisions.

Mastering The Final Table

The final element of my coaching system is about mastering the final table. That journey begins with understanding the dominant personality of your adversaries. After you learn to understand your opponents, your goal is the creation of a meta game phenomenon called psychological ascendancy. Reading Sun-Zu (The Art of War), and studying the history of the U.S. Army War College, will affirm the importance of psychological ascendancy in combat. Mastering final table play demands learning about no rules poker, familiarity with ICM, and mastering the art of negotiation.


This coaching approach has resulted in success from those that I am privileged to coach.

Over the last two years, of the group (aka the family):
60% had cashes exceeding $10,000
50% had cashes exceeding $15,000
35% had cashes exceeding $25,000
25% had cashes exceeding $40,000

Join us in our journey.